Chakra Seven - Sahasrara Chakra


In the Sahasrara Chakra the whole integrated.  The Brahmarandra is the point in the Sahasrara where the Kundalini emerges. It was opened by Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi on the 5th May 1970.  Each Chakra has its place here. 

Before the opening of the Sahasrara a man's mind goes in one direction, his heart in another and his body in still another, and the man does not know what to do.

This thousand petaled center known as Sahasrara is the most important center situation in the brain or limbic area.  Actually there are thousand nerves, and if you take transverse section of the brain, you can see all these nerves beautifully arranged in a petal like structure t form lotus of thousand petals. This center covers the limbic area of the brain, before realisation, like a closed bud of lotus.  Above this is covering of two balloon like structure s of Ego and Super Ego.

When Kundalini rises and pierces this center, it awakens all the nerves thus enlighten every nerve center and we say that the person is enlightened soul.  Kundalini further pierces the fontanel area and opens a gateway into the cosmos and we experiences this a cool breeze on the head.  This is actualization of the union (Self-Realisation) with the all pervading Power of Divine.

All the true Masters have shown Man the path of spiritual ascent.  But the religions that originated from their teachings fought amongst themselves and their knowledge was used by Man to obtain power.

But at the level of the Sahasrara every man can directly know the truth.  It was the Mother, though who had to open it.

So now man can understand that it is wrong to divide up what is really one whole an that we are all ONE.

In the Sahasrara all the artificial barriers of race, of political belief, of caste, etc.  fall away, the realised soul finally understands itself and others.

But only through constant meditation can we realise the potential of the Sahasrara.

Shree Krishna said:  "Surrender all dharmas to me, and i will take care of everything."

Surrendering to the Divine means transferring your own power to the all pervading Power and letting that act.


At the point of the Sahasrara we go beyond the relative, to the Absolute.  Above the three Gunas and into the Absolute realisation of Heaven on Earth.  This is a country far beyond our wildest imaginings, so much more than our word scan even seek to imply.  This is our ultimate destination, stretching out forever. 

Our progress towards this goal is a living process,  When the seed matures it naturally sprouts.


No. of  Petals: One Thousand (1000)

Physical Plexus:  Limbic area of the brain

Place on Hand: Center of Palm

Element: All/ Vibrations "Chaitanya" 

Colour: White/ All/Multicolour

Day: Monday

Country:  Nepal

Planet: Pluto

Symbol: The Bandhan

Gem:  Mother of Pearl


  • Self-Realisation

  • Collective Consciousness

  • Integration with the whole

  • Silence

  • Thousand Awareness

  • Joy & Bliss

  • Absolute freedom

Physical & Physiological Function

  • The Brain

  • The Nervous System

Causes of Catches/ Obstruction

  • Atheism,

  • Doubt in God,

  • Anti-God activates,

  • Denial of the Divine,

  • Doubting one's own ascent and the power really to become the spirit.

Clearing the Sahasrara Chakra

Using the Elements:

  • F



"Mother, please give me my Self-Realisation"

"Mother, Please establish my Self Realisation"

General Advice:

  • Meditate regularly, give vibrations to the chakra.

  • Look at the photo of Shree Mataji and ask: 

     "Mother please establish my Self-Realisation" 

     "Mother please come into my head"

  • Protect the Sahasrara from excessive heat or cold.

  • Avoid others touching it

  • Keep attention above the head.

  • Press the Brahmarandra (fontanel area) with the left hand and place the right hand towards the picture of Shree Mataji, then try reversing the hand positions.

  • Massage the scalp regularly with oil (almond or coconut).

  • Massage the head with even hand pressure, move the scalp to and fro many times until the pressure on the head reduces.

  • Using cupped hands massage the sides of the head. The Ego can show up in the hands as the left Sahasrara catching, and the superego as the right Sahasrara.