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(Called "The Miniature Universe", in the book - The Ascent).

Chakras means wheels. .....rotating clockwise at their own frequency, in their respective places of the body as the planet earth spins around on its axis.  They manifest themselves in the gross outside the spinal cord as plexus, and control the organs of the human body as well as the neuroendocrine system of the corresponding region in the physical body. 

At each moment they receive and emit vibrations.  The knowledge of what they attract and what disturbs them is important for our well being.  Every thought and action influences the sensitivity and performance of these centers.

When the chakras are not under strain or exhausted of their energies, they can easily be pierced directly in their centers by the Kundalini.


The sensitivity of the chakras become dull after the first few shocks of irresponsible behaviour subjected to them.  Then a human being can live with all the destructive ways and habits very easily. 

a colour drawing of the Kundalini in a spirial form with a colour flower on the top end.

The Kundalini does force her way upwards up to a point.  One can see her very strongly pulsating at the points of blocked chakras.  She caters to the needs of the chakras, cures the disease or constriction and clears the path for her ascent.

an energetic type of picture showing a man with the 7 chakras in order from the base of the spin to the top of the head (like all the charts and pictures) but this one shows the petals & colours of each chakra.
a picture showing the chakras in an energetic way with the sanskrit symbols of each chakra.

Sahaja Yoga curative techniques operate through this subtle integrated network.  

The Mother Kundalini has a nurturing, regulating and correcting effect on the glands and bodily processes they control and can, therefore, eradicate the very basic cause of disease.

Thus, we do not have to wait for death to usher us into the kingdom of Heaven.  If our chakras are open and clean then the earth can be heaven.  Therefore, it is of prime importance to understand the functioning of the chakras.  If the environment from which the chakras feed is negative they simply absorb the negativity and this eventually results in disease and suffering in the human being.  This is the stage of Hell.  Hell does not follow death but is the stage of misery we suffer on earth.

Thus three things are clear;

  1. We must identify our roots or chakras,

  2. The chakras should be strong and clear,

  3. Our environment should be conducive and positive for the healthy growth of the chakras.

In Sahaja Yoga it is possible for each one to become sensitive to his own chakras and also the chakras of others. 

This sensitivity enables one to determine the condition of his chakras and to diagnose the effect of different mental and physical activities upon them.  This sensitivity is experienced as vibrations on the hands.

mChakra chart showing the naes or qualities of the chakras in Engligh


Here is a brief description of the seven chakras, and what type of human behaviour, attitude or action we take, that can block the flow of the energy through them.  Which ultimately leads to disease, if left to deteriorate.

By Meditating daily before Shri Mataji's Photo, the chakras can automatically be awakened, cleansed and purified - leading one to a balanced life - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  What actually happens is that the chakras start to manifest it's true qualities, which will of course lead to a better society -- a better, healthier world.

So, if you look at this table below, you would be able to see:- what disturbs the chakras, (which we call a 'catch' and the disease one may end up with, if left untreated. However, by meditating on a regular basis as mentioned above, our chakras start to clear out and the true qualities or 'blessings' start to manifest itself.... we become that!

Chart of the Subtle System- showing the names of the chakras in Sanskrit
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