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Technique 1

Foot Soaking (Highly recommended)

When the day is over, relax by soaking your feet in salt water.  This is best done at night before going to bed.  You will need a basin, salt, small container for rinsing water, and a small towel.  (Storing these items together will make it easier to do the footsoak).

  • Light a candle (fire and light elements) in front of a photo of Shri Mataji. 

  • Place your feet in a basin of cool or luke-warm* water containing a handful of salt (water and earth elements).  

  • Sit comfortably in a chair with hands, palms up, on your lap.

  • Raise the Kundalini and put on a bandhan.

  • Meditate or/give vibrations to your chakras for 10-15 minutes.

  • Finish by again raising the Kundalini and putting on a bandhan.

  • Rinse and dry your feet (use the clean water for rinsing).

  • Sit in meditation for 5 minutes or so.  

  • Flush the footsoak water down the toilet.

  • Use the foot soak bowl only for footsoaking.

  • *If the right hand is heaviest, use cold water, if the left hand heavy, use warm water.

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