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Sahaja Yoga Globally

Sahaja Yoga is actively practiced in over  130 countries around the world and is an effective solution to the spiritual,mental, emotional, and physical problems of the modern times. 

Sahaja Yoga Meditation has demonstrated positive results in several research areas including health, education, agriculture, etc.

All Sahaja Yoga public programs around the world are entirely free of charge and always open to the public. As Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi says, "Truth cannot be sold, it cannot be purchased", it is just to be experienced and enjoyed.

There are many seminars, workshops and programs conducted on a weekly basis around the world. To find a program in our area - globally, please click on the link below:

Sahaja Yoga In Africa



WhatsApp: +27 630926446 – Message only


Benin: +229 95840113

Burkina: +226 70580127

Congo: +242 056279037

Ghana: +233 246573797

Ivory Coast: +22 501125421

Kenya: +254 733513821

Mali: +223 92796523

Nigeria: +234 7045115293

Sierra Leone: +232 78544110

Centers in South Africa -

You are invited to attend our regular programs and workshops, which are held in the following areas.

Classes are always free of charge.

South Africa

Kwa Zulu Natal: +27 83 3384853

Gauteng: +27 727659066

Cape Town: +27 797091044

Please Note: Due to Covid 19 all classes are closed. 
        You welcome to join the online Meditation classes -
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