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This center is placed at the base of the spine and on gross level corresponds to the pelvic plexus, which looks after all our excretions, inclusive of sex activity.  Though the Kundalini has to rise through six centers, Mooladhara protects the purity and chastity of the Kundalini at the time of its awakening.

In Sanskrit, "moola" means root (which is the Kundalini) and "adhara" means the support -

so Mooladhara translates into the supporter of the Kundalini.

"Many illnesses are caused by a catch in the Mooladhara Chakra.  Innocence in us can never be destroyed but can be covered by our ego and conditionings, as the sun can be covered by clouds. 

We must respect our innocence" 

Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi


  • Petals: Four (4)

  • Element: Earth/ Carbon

  • Symbol:  Swastika

  • Colour: Coral Red

  • Day: Tuesday

  • Physical Aspect: Prostate gland

  • Physical Plexus: Pelvic Plexus

  • Place on hand: Base of the palm

  • Country: Australia

  • Stone:  Coral 

  • Planet: Mars

  • Musical instrument: Shennia



  • Purity

  • Innocence

  • Wisdom

  • Joy

  • Balance

  • Equilibrium

  • Chastity

  • Sense of direction

  • Auspiciousness

  • Simplicity

Physical & Physiological Functions

  • Memory

  • Reproduction

  • Excretion

  • Sexuality

  • Reproduction

  • Emotional Balance

Mooladhara Benefits

  • Strong sense of right & wrong

  • Strong attention

  • Stable eyes

  • No bias, because of innocence

  • Nobody can cheat you or “take you for a ride" (as the saying goes)

  • It helps us to remain in harmony  with nature and to keep away from unnatural lifestyles

  • Gives us the ability and authority to raise our own Kundalini and that of other seekers

A Balanced Mooladhara... 

  • Helps keep us emotionally balanced

  • Helps keep us mentally balanced

  • Keeps us from getting too left sided

  • Keeps us from depression, lethargy

  • Keeps us from getting aggressive in behaviour.

  • Keeps us from over planning & over indulgence

  • Soothes our attention and the subtle system by allowing the Kundalini to raise. 


Problems & Their Causes

  • Diarrhea (Left side)

  • Constipation (Right side)

  • Misuse of sex

  • Perverted attention

  • False gurus

  • Unauthorized attempt to raise Kundalini

Causes of Catch/ Obstruction

  • Left side:  Sexual excessiveness, tantric and occult practices.

  • Right Side:  Excessive Puritanism (e.g. focusing of the evils of sex)

Clearing the Mooladhara Chakra

A weakened Mooladhara may show up in a number of ways:  poor sense of direction, poor memory, poor sense of balance (gravity), certain 'incurable' diseases or mental problems.

Using the Elements:

  • Sit on earth as much as possible

  • Foot soak in warm salted water at meditation

  • Place the left hand towards the photography with a lit candle in front of it, right hand on the earth.

  • To help in clearing the left Mooladhara place the left hand on the Chakra (just above the groin area) and the right hand on the ground.



Left Side: "Mother, please make me innocent"

              "Mother, by your grace I am the pure innocence of a child"

              "Mother, please make me wise & chaste personality"

Right Side: "Mother, please clear my Mooladhara Chakra"

                "Mother, verily you are the innocence in me"

  • General Advice:

  • Try to keep your attention on natural things such as the earth, sky or grass rather than on gross or material things, which may be fighting to get your attention.

  • Stop any tantric or occult practices.

  • Avoid impurity in thoughts and words.

  • Avoid too much red meat as this can overexcite the Chakra.

  • Relate to members of the opposite sex as brothers and sisters, not sex objects.

  • Dissolve any over-puritanical, rigid or austere attitude towards sex

  • Meditate on the quality of innocence to develop this power.


In the beginning of evolution, the first amoeba cell organisms were formed.  Thereafter they became more and more complex, developing into multi-cellular organisms, and ultimately to humankind.

The Mooladhara Chakra is made of the earth element and represents the beginning of life.  When awakened and nourished, this association with the earth element manifests as a magnetic force within the person.  For instance, a person with a strong Mooladhara center has a good inner sense of direction (in more ways than one).  This Chakra is at the root or foundation of the subtle system, and Mooladhara is situated below the abode of the Kundalini, at the very base of the subtle body. 


The Fundamental Quality of this Chakra is INNOCENCE which forms the basis of every righteous (dharmic) character.  This innocence is the type of quality, which is evident in babies and small children.  It represents action without motive or desire for gross personal gain.  This innocence is accompanied by the innate wisdom of a child.  A baby knows fundamental aspects of nature instinctively – it knows how to show discomfort by crying, or how to suck to obtain food.  This root wisdom, if left undisturbed, would develop into a balanced set of priorities in the adult. 

Unfortunately, the influence of human society sometimes tends to muddy this innocence and so obscure the wisdom that goes with it. Too much thinking about and indulging in sex weakens this center.  By awakening the qualities of the Mooladhara through our meditations, we learn again to be more innocent beings, to be less motive-led in our actions and to make the correct decisions in our lives. 

Remember: To Balance Mooladhara

  • Daily Meditation, Morning & evening

  • Sitting on Mother Earth

  • Daily Foot soak

  • Give vibrations to the chakra

  • Maintain purity or eyes and thoughts

  • Be honest with yourself

  • No impurity in thought & words

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