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Chakra Two:  Swadistan Chakra



The Swadhistan Chakra (situated in the abdomen) is suspended like a satellite on a chord from the Nabhi Chakra, and moves around the Void area giving sustenance to the ten petals of the Void (which represent Ten Commandments).  When the Kundalini rises, She passes into the Nabhi Chakra first and then along the chord to enlighten the Swadhistan and then returns to the Nabhi Chakra to continue the journey to the crown of the head.

This center corresponds to the Aortic plexus, which supplies us with energy of creativity and abstract thoughts.  This center also provides energy to the brain by converting fat cells into brain cells.

Too much thinking and futuristic planning weakens this center and one develops very weak attention.  Liver which is seat of attention is governed by this center.  This center also controls the functioning of pancreas, uterus and some parts of intestines.



Petals: (Four) 4

Element: Fire

Symbol: Star of David

Colour:  Golden Yellow

Day: Wednesday

Physical Aspect: Abdomen

Physical Plexus: Aortic Plexus

Place on hand: Thumb

Country: (L) Africa (R) France

Stone: Amethyst

Planet: Mercury

Musical Instrument: Sarangi


  • Spiritual Knowledge

  • Creativity 

  • Attention

  • Inspiration

  • Art/ Music/ Poetry

  • Aesthetics

  • Dynamism

  • Work


  • Strong, stable attention

  • Peaceful mind

  • Creative attention

  • Inspiration

  • Dynamism in actions

Physical Functions 

  • Liver

  • Pancreas

  • Spleen

  • Uterus

  • Ovaries

  • Intestines

  • Metabolism

Problems & Diseases

  • Too much thinking

  • Too much planning

  • Overuse of artistic talent

  • Following false guru

  • Possession


Swadistan Benefits

  • Bring inner peace

  • Worries & doubts disappear

  • Pure knowledge enhances spiritual ascent

  • Prevents diseases like, Diabetes

  • Blood cancer, Allergies, Insomnia etc.

  • Brings out artistic talents

Balanced Swadistan Chakra 

  • Balanced thinking

  • Confusion recedes

  • Prevents overactive thinking

  • We loose interest in impure knowledge

images (16).jpg

Causes of Catch/ Obstruction 

  • Left Side:  Spiritualism & Black magic, False gurus & knowledge, alcohol & drugs, extreme servility & slavishness.

  • Right Side:  Too much thinking & planning, political extremism & fanaticism, bad eating habits, ego oriented life & domination of others.Worries & doubts disappear

Clearing the Left Swadisthan Chakra

Using the Elements:

  • Foot soak in hot salted water at meditation

  • The candle treatment around the chakra



"Mother, please give me the Pure Knowledge" (Nirmal Vidya) 

General Advice:

  • Place left hand on the Chakra and right hand towards the photo

  • Raise the right channel and bring down the left channel 108 times.

  • Give vibrations to the left Swadisthan

Clearing the Right Swadisthan Chakra

Using the Elements:

  • Foot soak in COLD (or even iced) salted water at meditation

  • Place ice-pack on right Swadhistan Chakra position (above junction of torso and right leg).



"Mother, please take away all my thoughts and doubts and give me Inner peace".

"Mother, You are the doer and You are the enjoyer, I do nothing at all".

General Advice:

  • Place right hand on the Chakra and left hand towards the photo

  • Raise the left channel and bring down the right channel 108 times.

  • Give vibrations to the right Swadisthan

  • Use/ follow the liver diet. (In attachments)


Please Note:

The clearing affirmations mentioned in the Video are to me found in the notes above.


In the course of evolution, man translated his need for shelter into the building of homes.  As his sense of aesthetics developed he continued to improve on these forms of shelter (until eventually architecture came about).  This creativity evolved into abstract form, which had no previous materiel counterpart.  From this burgeoning aesthetics came the creative arts.

The Fundamental quality of the Swadhistan Chakra is that of creativity.  It is here that the energy for our creativity is generated.  After our realisation we discover that the true key to creativity is in achieving the state of thoughtless awareness (nirvichara samadhi) through our meditations.

When Kundalini awakens and opens this center in a person, that person becomes very creative, dynamic and spontaneous in all his activities.   


  • Raise your Kundalini and put yourself in Bandhan every day, morning evening and when ever else necessary.

  • Balance your energy channels every day, preferably during Foot soaking and clearing, before meditation.

  • Daily Meditation, morning & evening

  • Daily Foot soak at least once a day.

  • Give vibrations to the chakras, as per the affirmations mention in the video and in the notes above.

  • Try to keep your attention throughout the day. 

  • Watch your attention...where is it going? Try to keep it inside or on Sahastrara (crown Chakra).  Enjoy nature instead of gross things that is fighting to keep your attention away from your spirit.

  • Remember we are just and email away.

  • Happy Meditating.

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