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Chakra Three - Nabhi Chakra


This Ten Petaled center is called the Nabhi and is situated behind the navel region.  This center corresponds to the Solar plexus, which gives us the power to sustain things within ourselves.

This center governs the function of digestion and assimilation and looks after stomach, intestines and part of the liver.  The biological rhythm which is regulated by spleen is also controlled by Nabhi.

This center looks after the welfare and evolution in mankind.  When Kundalini rises and pierces this center in a seeker, he becomes satisfied from within and becomes extremely generous.

SATISFACTION is actually a key word for the Nabhi Chakra.  Some "hot livered" people are naturally irritable.  For them life without worry is an impossibility, they will express their discontent at the slightest excuse. 

When our Spirit manifest, we can put things into their true perspective, and worry becomes an unusual occurrence.  We can only be content, when we are in the peace of Thoughtlessness. We realise that the Spirit is not concerned with passing trends and fashions, a button missing here or there. 

The affirmation for the Nabhi is: 

"In my Spirit I am satisfied".

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No. of  Petals: 10

Element: Water

Symbol: Ying/Yang

Colour: Green

Day:  Thursday

Physical Plexus:  Solar Plexus

Place on Hand: Middle finger Country: Left Nabhi-Austria Right Nabhi-France

Center Nabhi-Greece, Europe 

Stone: Emerald

Planet: Jupiter

Musical Instrument: Violin


  • Satisfaction

  • Spiritual Satisfaction

  • Contentment

  • Peacefulness & Joy

  • Enjoying ones own Generosity

  • Sense of Dignity

  • Dharma (right conduct)

  • Righteousness

  • Evolution (including goals in ones life)

Physical Function

Controls the Stomach, Intestines, Liver, Kidneys, Spleen

Chakra Benefits

  • Brings balance & peace into family life

  • Prevents worries about daily life

  • Prevents jealousy & greed

  • Establishes righteousness

  • Gives joy of sharing


Left Nabhi

Manifestation (controls): Spleen & Pancreas

Qualities: Welcoming & caring host, the place of the ideal wife

Place and hand:  Left middle finger

Causes of Catch: Family & household problems, dominating husband or wife, too much rushing around, untidiness, worrying 

Right Nabhi

Manifestation (controls): Liver

Qualities:           Sense of Dignity, Attention

Place and hand:  Right middle finger

Causes of Catch: Food that is bad for liver, too much attention on food, excessive fasting, drugs and alcohol, fanaticism, over-criticism

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Clearing the Left Nabhi Chakra

Using the Elements:

  • Foot soak in warm salted water at meditation

  • The candle treatment around the stomach area



"Mother, please make me satisfied and a generous & peaceful person"

General Advice:

  • Give vibrations to the left Nabhi

  • Develop the habit of being satisfied with every aspect of life

  • Try not to complain too much

  • Develop the quality of auspiciousness and generosity, avoid miserliness

Clearing the Right Nabhi Chakra

Using the Elements:

  • Foot soak in salted water at meditation



"Mother, You solve all my money & family worries & take care of my well being"

General Advice:

  • Avoid fatty foods & excessive amounts of dairy products

  • Eat foods that are cooling to the liver such as; cane sugar, ginger, white rice, yogurt, chick peas & fresh fruit & vegetables (see liver diet).

  • Try to contain the emotion of anger

  • Place an ice pack on the liver area (also useful during meditation if there are problems in going thoughtless).

Clearing the Center Nabhi Chakra

Using the Elements:

  • Foot soak in salted water at meditation

  • Use of a lite candle around the stomach area is very effective



"Mother, in my Spirit I am satisfied"

General Advice:

  • Give vibrated to the front & back of the Nabhi

  • Drink vibrated water

  • Massage the knees & elbows


Please Note:

The clearing affirmations mentioned in the Video are to be found in the notes above.


  • Raise your Kundalini and put yourself in Bandhan every day, morning evening and when ever else necessary.

  • Balance your energy channels every day, preferably during Foot soaking and clearing, before meditation.

  • Daily Meditation, morning & evening

  • Daily Foot soak at least once a day.

  • Give vibrations to the chakras, as per the affirmations mention in the video and in the notes above.

  • Try to keep your attention throughout the day. 

  • Watch your attention...where is it going? Try to keep it inside or on Sahastrara (crown Chakra).  Enjoy nature instead of gross things that is fighting to keep your attention away from your spirit.

  • Remember we are just and email away.

  • Happy Meditating.



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