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During the period of man's evolution to date, there has been a constant battle against ignorance and illusion.  This state of ignorance is something that has to be overcome before man can actually experience the beauty of the reality of the Spirit.  The area which represents this struggle to cross over from illusion to reality is known as the VOID, or the Bhavasagara (Ocean of illusion).

Only after the Awakening of the Kundalini

is the seeker able to cross the Void.

The Void surrounds the 2nd and 3rd chakras: 

The Swadisthan and Nabhi chakras.  When the Kundalini is awakened the ten valences (The Ten Commandments) are awakened within.  Sahaja Yoga is not limited to one religion, but has the best of all religion.  All real religions are leading to one aim, to one goal. The goal is to achieve Self Knowledge through our second birth.

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Gross Physical Aspect:

The Void is the gap between the Kundalini and the vagus nerve of the parasympathetic system.  It represents all space and time from the beginning of creation to the peak of our evolution in human awareness. It is the vacuum which separates our awareness from the Absolute while we are still in the unenlightened state.  The Void is actually created by the outermost circular movement of the Swadisthan around the Nabhi Chakra, and it contains the two centers relating to the Sun (Surya) and Moon (Chandra).



Principle of mastery (Guru Principal), balanced life and stability. The Void is the center of our own mastery. 

As the Kundalini energy enlightens this area we become our own Guru. 

The word Guru means weight or gravity and this grounded state is one of the primary ways that we remain in balance in the midst of our turbulent existence.  When the Kundalini rises and fills the Void, our Attention is taken out of the confusion and illusion and into the awareness of the higher Reality.  In this way we take control of our own evolution without relying on external forces, eventually our own introspection will provide the answers and keys during our meditation. 


In a lot of cases the key will be to recognise a solution to our problems presented to us externally, but as we become our own master we are able to discern the right from wrong, the Truth from fiction.


Qualities of The Guru

Creativity - To manifest the vision of the Divine

Pure Attention of the Spirit - To be free from ego

Wisdom and Introspection - To see his own errors and correct them

Love and Compassion

A Maternal Attitude - towards his disciples and fellow men.

The other side of the is coin is, of course, the principle of the disciple.  It is as important for us to recognise Truth in a humble and open minded way as it is to give advice with a gravity of a Master.  The greatest Masters throughout the ages have been the most humble disciples of God.  In this way they surrender their ego to the Divine and are able to teach with absolute authority, even when directly challenging the established wisdom of the time.  

Since the Void is directly connected with the Nabhi Chakra, it is no coincidence that the principle of Dharma is a fundamental aspect of this area.  All of the great Masters and Prophets who have taken their birth on the earth to guide us, have made Dharma (or righteous conduct) a key tenet of their teachings.  We can only become better beings by not abusing ourselves or debasing others;  in other words, by living properly and in accordance with that of nature.  


We can tell when we are disturbing the Guru principle within us by the upset to our digestive system.  This can manifest as nausea or any other symptoms emanating from the stomach area.  If for instance we are witness to any Adharmic activity or indulge in abuse of our physical or subtle system we can easily determine the effect on our system by the feeling that we experience in this area.  Nervous tension in our stomach or butterflies before an exam or test are simply expressions of our Mastery Principle being challenged.  


Similarly we are able to discern false teachings from Truth by responding to the condition of the Void.  The combination of vibrational awareness and signals from our Void area can be a powerful pointer to the legitimacy of any practice whether it be spiritual or material.  We learn to become attuned to our subtle system in this way and eventually can respond rapidly to avoid that which will do us harm and to open up towards that which will be of benefit to our being.  The Guru principle within us is a very powerful force for our benevolence, but we must learn to recogise the signals.  


Manifestation (controls):Digestion

Qualities:                    Dharma, Balance, Stability, Personality 

Place on Hand:            Base of fingers and outer ring of palm

Element:                      Water & Fire

Colour:                       Green

Day:                           Thursday

Causes of Catch/ Obstruction

Fanaticism, fantasy, spiritualism,

black magic & ESP, false gurus &

false knowledge

Clearing the Void

Using the Elements:  

  • Foot soak in a bowl of hot water with salt in it.

  • Using a candle around the Void area.



"Mother Kundalini  please make me my own master"

" Mother Kundalini please help me overcome all illusions which tempt me in my day to day life"

"Let me have clarity of what is real and what is unreal"

"Mother Kundalini, I am my own Master" 

"Mother, You are my Guru"

General Advice from Shree Mataji:

  • Left hand towards the photo, right hand on Void.

  • Drinking vibrated salt water

  • Self Discipline (e.g. getting up early to meditate}


Habits, Laziness, gross attachments


Please Note:

The clearing affirmations mentioned in the Video are to be found in the notes above.


Raise Kundalini energy and put yourself in bandhan before and after every session.

Moving Forward - Before we start every session:

  • We should remove our shoes and bow to Mother Earth in obeisance and gratitude to Her.

  • We do so by placing our forehead and hands on the ground – palms facing upwards toward the sky. Our hands should be on either side of our head.


Prayer to Mother Earth- 

“Mother Earth please forgive us for all the wrong we have done unto thee, intentionally and un-intentionally. Only through Your kind Love for your children are we here now.  You have graciously sustained us thus far.  You have given us food, water, clothing and shelter.  O beloved Mother Earth with our heads bowed, we thank you and with our heads bowed, we come humbly to you, asking further substance and strength for the many long days ahead. Thank You!

To clear the void we can do the following:

  • Keep our left hand on our lap, palm facing upwards

  • We will use our right hand to clear the void by rotating it around the stomach area in a clockwise direction – remember to keep our attention on this area as we continue to rotate the hand around the void area. 

  • As we are rotating our hands around the void, we are removing the negative energy and throwing it down to the earth. 

  • Whilst doing this we say the say the above affirmations:


How do we give vibrations to the Void.

  • Keeping our left hand on the lap, palm facing upwards,

  • Right hand and attention on the upper portion of the abdominal area, that is just above the navel, repeating the above mentioned affirmations


How do we vibrate water?

  • Add a little bit of salt to the water in a glass.

  • Keep your left palm upwards with fingers towards Shree Mataji’s photo

** We take vibrations from Shree Mataji’s photo**

  • Simultaneously place the right-hand palm over the glass of water for a few seconds asking for the water to be vibrated.

  • Thereafter drink the water.

  • You can also leave the glass of salt water at Her photo for a short while and then drink it.

The State of the Guru

  • The guru is silent. In silence the guru is connected with the Divine, which acts through him.

  • The Guru is balanced.  He is not an ascetic by nature, but is detached from every temptation (food, money, power, etc.)

How To Become A Guru

  • To be a guru is not a role but a state, a way of being.

  • Everyone should be his own guru.

  • Be in thoughtless awareness.

  • Have gravity.  It manifests and attracts people like a magnet.

  • Acquire self-esteem through introspection.  We have the powers of love, or compassion, of giving Realisation to others and of helping humanity



  • Raise your Kundalini and put yourself in Bandhan every day, morning evening and when ever else necessary.

  • Balance your energy channels every day, preferably during Foot soaking and clearing, before meditation.

  • Daily Meditation, morning & evening

  • Daily Foot soak at least once a day.

  • Give vibrations to the chakras, as per the affirmations mention in the video and in the notes above.

  • Try to keep your attention throughout the day. 

  • Watch your attention...where is it going? Try to keep it inside or on Sahastrara (crown Chakra).  Enjoy nature instead of gross things that is fighting to keep your attention away from your spirit.

  • Remember we are just and email away.

  • Happy Meditating.



1.  Did you enjoy the lesson & manage to do the Foot soak everyday?

2.  How do you feel after the Foot soak/Meditation?

3.  Is the vibration improving / getting stronger?

4.  Any other feedback:

5.  Which lesson did you just complete?

6. Are you ready for the next lesson?

Thank you!

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