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Chakra Four - Anahata Heart Chakara



When a child is born, the first thing that it responds to is the Spirit of its mother.  At the moment of his birth he is not aware of his body or that of this mother, but he is aware of the Spirit.  The moment he comes out of the womb he suffers a shock, and his first reaction is to get back to the womb.  At this stage his mind, conditions and ego aspects are not developed.  He is pure Spirit, and it is this pure Spirit that finds comfort in the Spirit of this mother and through that comfort, sustenance in the new alien environment.  This response is true love or unconditional love, it is not a conditioned response, but the sheer joy of the fusion of two Spirits.


No. of  Petals: 12

Element: Air

Symbol:  Flame

Colour: Purple

Day:  Friday

Physical Aspect: 

Physical Plexus:  Cardiac plexus

Place on Hand:  Little Fingers

Country:  England

Gem Stone: Ruby

Planet: Venus

Musical Instrument:

Physical & Physiological Functions

  • Heart

  • Heart beat ("Anahatha")

  • Lungs & Breathing

  • Production of Antibodies

Chakra Benefits

  • Brings balance & peace into family life

  • Prevents worries about daily life

  • Prevents jealousy & greed

  • Establishes righteousness

  • Gives joy of sharing

Cardiac Plexus.jpg


  • Love

  • Detachment

  • Security & Lack of Fear

  • Joy of the Spirit

  • Faith in oneself

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Causes of Catch/ Obstruction

Fanaticism, fantasy, spiritualism, black magic & ESP, false gurus and false knowledge

This Twelve Petaled  Center is called the Anahat and is placed behind the sternum bone in the spinal cord.  This center corresponds to cardiac plexus, which produces the antibodies until the age of twelve.  These antibodies are then circulated in our system which helps us to fight any kind of attack on the body or mind.  When there is either emotional or physical attack on the person, these antibodies are informed through the sternum, which has a remote control of information,  this center controls breathing by regulating the functioning of heart and the lungs.

When Kundalini pieces this center, the person becomes extremely confident, secure, morally responsible and emotional balance personality.  Such a person is very benevolent and loves humanity without any self interest involved and is clear to all.  

1.32.15 Sternum location in the body.jpg
download (11).jpg


The heart is the pump of the body, hence any mental and physical excess strains this center and can lead in advanced stages to a heart attack. Excessive athletic competition simply develops into an ego oriented thing, with no real gain at the end of it.  In a similar way modern Hatha Yoga is a form of athleticism which has no correlation to the Spirit, and this too can harm the center.  

The sages of old developed certain exercises for correcting the spinal problems caused by wrong living, thus aligning the body to its natural form in preparation for the search for knowledge of the Spirit.  This led to the development of Hatha Yoga schools and hence to the modern form of 'Yoga'.  Unfortunate today Hatha Yoga is mistaken for spirituality.

images (15).jpg

People spend hours doing all kinds of asanas (positions). By standing on our heads (or wearing white/saffron robes or being vegetarian or whatever) we are not going to know God. 


The word Yoga means Union in Sanskrit, and the union is that of our Kundalini with the all pervading Divine energy.  God is realised when the Kundalini evolves through right living, deed, thought and action.

If we treat our body like a gadget we become like a gadget.  Excesses right side activity in such pursuits as Hatha Yoga can dry out a person, and make his personality cold and without love.  Moreover extreme cases may harm the Spirit by neglect and cause the person to suffer heart attacks as the Spirit retreats. 

images (4).png
images (13).jpg

Suffering is often mis-identified with purification.  We are led to believe that if something hurts it must be good for us ('no pain, no gain'), while anything that is nice is evil.  This numbs the left heart, which is the seat of the Spirit. Both self denial and self torture are against the dignity of the Spirit.

images (2).png


The Heart Chakra is the home of the Self, the Spirit, Atma - all meaning the same thing.  Time and again Shree Mataji has stressed that "You are nothing but an eternal Spirit".  In this way She is telling us that we have to realise and become our Spirit, and leave behind the futile of the illusion we live in. 

images (19).jpg
images (21).jpg
images (18).jpg

We start the process of becoming our Spirit after realisation, as we start to lose our false identifications with our body, mind, and feelings.  Only after this enlightenment can we take our Attention to our Heart and cleanse it.  This Spirit can only manifest when our heart is open and clean, at which point we feel the eternal joy of the creation and the meaning and purpose of our place in it.  We clean our heart through our pure Desire, and through our Attention. 

Saying Affirmations such as "I am the Spirit" are effective in this process, but it must not be mechanical action.    



PURE LOVE, which enlightens us all, is the real quality of the Heart Chakra.  In the unrealized state we rarely love for love's sake.  Because of our conditioning we confuse feelings of love with those of possession, sex and selfishness.  Bodily attraction is physical.

Pure love is detached, it is without prejudice and motive.  True love is the quality that emanates from the Spirit and not from the body or mind.  When we talk of loving someone, we should understand the direction in which this love is flowing.   


Love is the flow of life in all limbs, between children/parents, brothers/sisters, friends, etc.  Where many people share and care, then the whole society opens up its heart center. It becomes a collective society and changes the world.  This is the power of love. 

images (22).jpg

Love is the principle behind all creation, all vibrations.  We say that God is love and love is God, because in its depths we cease to be.  In true love there is no "I" and "You", there is simply the merging in the Spirit.  In this state we experience true human unity, the true oneness of life.  Physically we can appear as different colours, shapes, characteristics, but as we become the Spirit the drops all become one ocean.  Where there is LOVE there is growth, celebration, joy and evolution.

A strong heart center is the basis for a healthy personality.  Nourished with love, we emanate warmth and happiness.  Love is nature's way.   Through love, the seed attracts nourishment from the soil and comes to life. 


The warmth and love in a doctor adds to the healing power of his cure.  The patient feels better just by being with warm and loving people.  The vibrations of such warm people attract us like honey attracts the bee. 


It is the love which becomes compassion which make us reach out without thinking to help mankind.  It is a spontaneous act, not an intellectual decision.


A lot of problems arise from fear. 

  • If we have self-confidence, we have strong defenses which protect against base desires and negative outside influences. 

  • If we live in fear, then our natural immune system is weakened and we become vulnerable to allergies and disease. 

Our personality grows and shines when our heart is strong, and we approach life with a will to win like a warrior.  When we weaken, we become trapped in the cage of fear, afraid to venture out and experiences the joy and wonders of the kaleidoscope of life.  We attract to ourselves what we give out.  If we have a constricted heart, then we are likely to attract corresponding people and to perpetuate the problem.  Hence it is important to be strong and grounded so that we can nourish our relationships. 


Our relationships with our parents have their place in the Heart Chakra. 

Our physical mother has her place on the left heart, and our father has his place on the right heart.  Once we realise that our parents have this place within us, we don't try to run away from any problems in any way, we face up to our responsibilities towards them.  At all times we should treat them with the love and respect which is their due. 

Parents should likewise raise their children in a pure life, which will encourage their spiritual development.  They should love them without attachment and fear, knowing that they are the trustees of their  children.  If parents do not practice what they preach, they cannot set a proper example to their offspring.  Parents should be respectable, in order to be respected themselves.

images (6).jpg

Condition of the Heart

Insecurity and fear can lead to palpitations and breast problems.  Excessive activity or planning dries us out, and again can lead to problems of this center.  In a similar way, indulging in any of the extreme ascetic disciplines or physical activities which concentrate on the body to the exclusion of the Spirit should be avoided.  Breast cancer and other female problems can be related to the suppression or unjust treatment of woman.  In extreme cases fear and insecurity of the center heart can lead to neuroses and allergies.

Anahata Chakra_clear.jpg

Left Heart The left heart is the abode of the Spirit.

Manifestation (controls): Heart organ, and left cardiac plexus

Qualities:      Existence, life, joy, after Realisation

                   Attention-Truth-Joy (say-chit-ananda)

Manifestation:  Heartbeat (Anahat - sound that is without percussion)

Place and hand:  Left little finger

Causes of Catch: Extreme physical/mental activity, heartfelt bad relations (especially mother's), outside Attention, Hatha Yoga, drugs, no seeking, no faith in God, anti-God activities

Right Heart

Manifestation (controls): Cardiac plexus (right side)

Qualities:      Dutiful life as father, husband, brother.  Gracious, auspicious, boundaries maintained (Maryadas)

Place and hand:  Right little finger

Causes of Catch: Father or fatherhood problems, emotional aggression, arrogant or inconsiderate behaviour, unlawful domination.

Clearing the Left Heart Chakra

Using the Elements:

  • Candle treatment around the heart area 



"Mother, I am the Spirit"

"Mother, I am the Spirit, only the Spirit, I am not the ego, not this body, not this emotion - I am only the pure Spirit"

General Advice:

  • Give vibrations to the left heart chakra

  • Keep your Attention on the Atma residing in the Heart.

  • Where heart catches due to over activity of the right side, raise the left side 108 times, and also use the vibrations by putting the left hand towards the photograph with the right hand pointing upwards to the sky (or ceiling).  The ether will dissolve the heat.

Clearing the Right Heart Chakra


"Mother, You are the responsibility in me"

"Mother, You are the boundaries of good conduct and the benevolence of a good father"

General Advice:

  • Give vibrations to the right heart Chakra

  • Develop the boundaries of good conduct in family life and in society (Maryadas)

  • Don't take on too much responsibility, also don't be too under-responsible.

  • Develop the qualities and protectiveness of a father and husband.  

  • Correct any wrong situations arising from your relationship as a father, husband, son or brother.

  • Where the right heart catch is from an overemotional nature, raise the right side and lower the left side 108 time.

  • Use vibrations to clear out by putting the left hand towards the photograph and the right hand on the Mother Earth.  This will release the left side problem which is causing the right heart to catch. 

Clearing the Center Heart Chakra

Using the Elements:

  • The use of a candle around the heart area can be very effective

  • Deep and relaxed slow breathing in and out for a while

  • Take a deep breath and hold it in for a while, then release.  Don't strain.  Repeat a few times.



"Mother, please let me overcome all my fears and insecurities"

"Mother, please let me become a self-confident person so that I can face all challenges that come my way"

"Mother, please make me a fearless person"

General Advice:

  • Give vibrations to the front and back of the heart.

  • Use the candle treatment if the left Swadisthan chakra is also catching.

Remember - Before we start every session:

  • We should remove our shoes and bow to Mother Earth in obeisance and gratitude to Her.

  • We do so by placing our forehead and hands on the ground – palms facing upwards toward the sky. Our hands should be on either side of our head.


Please Note: 

The clearing affirmations mentioned in the Video are to be found in the notes above.

Clearing by Giving Bandhan’s to our heart chakra area. 

How do we do this?

Keeping our left hand on your lap palm facing upwards, we are going to use our right hand on our left heart (that is, the left side on your heart chakra area).  Gently rotate your right hand in a clockwise direction around your left heart area. Please keep your attention on your left heart and left palm and fingers whilst rotating our right hand around the left heart area – about 12 or more times

We do the same for our right heart and center heart chakra.

A technique to help release any tension, fear and stress that may be stored in this area.

Using the fingers of the right hand gently tap the sternum bone area a few times….

download (3).jpg

Using our breath to help strengthen this chakra 

Take a nice deep breath in and hold it for a short while (a count of about 12) at the centre heart area, now breath out releasing any tension from within and hold a count for about 12).  Breath in hold, breath out hold, breath in hold, breath out hold.

You may now return to normal breathing.


  • Raise your Kundalini and put yourself in Bandhan every day, morning evening and when ever else necessary.

  • Balance your energy channels every day, preferably during Foot soaking and clearing, before meditation.

  • Daily Meditation, morning & evening

  • Daily Foot soak at least once a day.

  • Give vibrations to the chakras, as per the affirmations mention in the video and in the notes above.

  • Try to keep your attention throughout the day. 

  • Watch your attention...where is it going? Try to keep it inside or on Sahastrara (crown Chakra).  Enjoy nature instead of gross things that is fighting to keep your attention away from your spirit.

  • Remember we are just and email away.

  • Happy Meditating.


download (1).jpg


1.  Did you enjoy the lesson & manage to do the Foot soak everyday?

2.  How do you feel after the Foot soak and Meditation?

3.  Is the vibration improving / getting stronger?

4.  Any other feedback:

5.  Which lesson did you just complete?

6. Are you ready for the next lesson?

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