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Self Realisation has always been the ultimate goal of all religions

and spiritual traditions of the world,

but was extremely difficult to attain in the past. 

It has now become a mass phenomenon achieved effortlessly through Sahaja Yoga, which is Shri Mataji's invaluable gift to humanity.


"Self Realisation is the first encounter with Reality".

Shri Mataji discovered a spontaneous method to awaken the Kundalini and this is the foundation of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. 

Photo of a Sahaja Yogi giving Self Realisation to another person

In the past, the awakening of this inner spiritual energy was achieved by only a few individuals, through arduous efforts of purification, asceticism, and prolonged meditation.

Shri Mataji's discovery of awakening the Kundalini requires no previous knowledge or spiritual practice.  The spontaneous awakening can be passed on to others, without the necessity of paying money, acquiring a diploma or becoming a disciple.  "Like a candle that is lit can light another candle.”


It has been introduced in corporations (through the Center for Evolutionary Learning), schools (through the Health Corps and other programs), hospitals and prisons, with positive, documented results.


Picture of The Nervous System: Right & Left sympathetic system and Parasympathetic system
A picture of a man with a his head in a bright light and vibrations flowing out of his spine
A Photo showing vibrations flowing from the top of hundreds of people sitting in congregation -during a Sahaja Yoga event
The subtle energy known in Sanskrit as
'Kundalini', resides at the base of the spinal cord
When awakened, this benevolent, nurturing energy passes upward through the nerve plexuses in the body and comes out of the top of the head at the fontanel bone area. 
One can feel this energy as a cool breeze above the head, as well as in the palms of the hands.
A Photo of a young lady feeling the vibrations coming out of the top of her head.
The subtle system showing the Kundalini, Nadi, Atma, Sahasrara

This energy, sustained through the practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation, has a curative and balancing effect on our system.  It also facilitates a restorative state known as 'Thoughtless Awareness', in which the mind is in repose yet perfectly aware.  What makes Sahaja Yoga meditation different from other techniques is that this state of 'Thoughtless awareness happens spontaneously and without effort'.


Because of its simplicity and accessibility, hundreds of thousands of people have received their self-realisation through Sahaja Yoga, with meditation centres in over 130 countries offering permanently free courses and community support to practitioners of this simple, yet vital, meditation.

The experience of self-realisation through Sahaja Yoga offers significant benefits

to those who dedicate even a small amount of time to daily meditation. 

It reduces stress and fatigue,

restores emotional balance,

and gives one a sense of peace and satisfaction,

even in the turbulent of circumstances.

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