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Stress Management...through the Subtle System 

What is Stress ?

“In day to day life we frequently face difficult situations that create physical, mental and emotional pressure.” 

The Stress Impact!!

•poor memory

• reduced concentration

• physical health problems

• sleeplessness

• mood swings / aggression

• reliance on drugs

• breakdown in self-confidence and self-image


What defines a successful stress management technique???

It must:

  • recharge the central nervous system

  • create a break in thoughts

  • it must be easy and accessible to everyone

Consists of 7 energy centers and 3 energy channels...

..that govern our mental, physical and emotional health – and our personality traits.



Central Channel:

• present

• self-awareness

• thoughtless awareness

Left Channel:

• past hang-ups

• emotions

• desires

• depression

• psychosomatic diseases

Right Channel:

• future

• actions

• planning

• over aggressive

• dominating


•Self worth 

• Improved self-discipline

• Able to deal with pressure

• Improved mental focus and memory

• Overcome habits and addictions

• Strengthened immune system

• Become dynamic and more creative

• Emotional well being

Therefore it would make sense to try out Sahaja Yoga Meditation, to bring about a complete and overall balance to you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Should you wish to know more about Sahaja Yoga Meditation, please have a look at the links above or you could go directly to "Let's Meditate" and follow the quick simple step to getting your Self Realisation and inner peace and balance.

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