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Each of the five elements of earth, fire, water, air and either (i.e. space) relate closely to an aspect of our subtle system.  This means that the element can assist in nurturing and cleansing that aspect.



1.  Earth: The earth element helps the whole left side and also the first chakra (Mooladhara). 

Sit on the ground or grass with the left hand palm up and the right hand flat on the earth.




2.  Water:  The water element help the whole right right and also the third chakra (Nabhi) and the void.

Put the feet in the ocean or stream and meditate.

Drinking pure water is good for the liver.












3.  Fire(a):  The fire element helps the whole left side and particularly the second chakra (Swadisthan).  

Sit for meditation and hold the left hand towards the candle.

3. FIRE(a)











4.  Fire(b):  Sit for meditation and with a candle rotate the flame in small circles (clockwise) around the chakra, only along the left side of the body.

4. FIRE(b)











5.  Air:  The air element helps the whole right side and also the fourth chakra (Heart).  

Take deep, slow breaths while meditation. Place the right hand on the center heart while doing this.

5. AIR











6.  Ether:  The ether element (which is invisible in the air) helps the fifth chakra (Vishuddhi).

Outside, tilt the head back and look at the blue sky.

Allow your attention to flow into the majesty of the sky.  Take deep breaths.

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