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Affirmations are basically anything you think or say.  

However, we do tend to think or say 'negative statements' about ourselves.  

Saying positive affirmations can help open ones mind, it's like a key to the mind.  

Therefore, affirmations are an essential tool to help re-train the mind.

Affirmations to help raise the Kundalini In the early days

In essence, you are basically re-affirming what you already are.

When in meditation, ask

"Mother, please show me my vibrations."  

  • Tingling or pinpricks on the hand/fingers indicate blockages ("catches") in the chakras.

  • Identify the affected chakra (from Fig.1) and its Affirmation (from the table below).  

  • Turn the chakra clockwise with the right hand while saying its affirmation.  Turn and say the affirmation over and over for improvement.

Very informative chart, consisting of subtle system, hand, head and feet - fully labelled with names of all the chakras and numbers of all the chakras

For Catches only on LEFT Hand Fingers:

Turn the LEFT side of the chakra and say...

"Mother, by your grace I am....


  1.   ...the powerful innocence of a child.

  2.  ....pure knowledge of the Divine which acts. own guru/ master

  3.  ....completely satisfied. (or) peace.

                                           (or) ....a generous person

  4.  ....the Spirit  (or) Mother please forgive me for any mistakes

           against my Spirit.

  5.  ....not guilty.

  6.  ....Mother please forgive me.   [Hand at the back of the head]

  7.  ....protected from all the challenges to my ascent.  

           [Hand at the top of head]

For Catches only on RIGHT Hand Fingers:

Turn the RIGHT side of the chakra and say...

"Mother, verily you are...


  1.  ....the killer of devils.

  2.  ....the doer and you are the enjoyer.

  3b.....the guru and master.

  3.  ....the royal dignity in me. (or)....the solution to all my family                and money worries.

  4.  ....the responsibility in me.  (or)  ....the boundaries of good conduct              in me.

  5.  ....not guilty.

  6.    Mother, I forgive everyone and I forgive myself.  [Hand at forehead]

  7.  ....the victory over all the challenges to my ascent. [Hand at left of                top of head]

For Catches on SAME FINGER of both hands:

Turn the CENTER side of the chakra and say...

"Mother, please make me...


  1.  ....the innocence.

  2.  ....the creative knowledge. own guru/ master.

  3.  ....a satisfied person.

  4.  ....a fearless person 

  5.  ....a detached witness.  (or) ....a part and parcel of the whole.

  6.  ....a forgiving person.  [Hand at the forehead]

  7.  ....completely self realised.  [ Hand at the top of head] 

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