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"Within Us Lies

The Peace, Beauty,

The Glory Of Our Being.
We Cannot Seek It Outside.
We Have To Go Within."
Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi


Hello, its really wonderful meeting you here.

Please Note:

In Lesson One there is a lot of information, so please go through one section at time.

You are welcome to take more than a week to work through lesson one.

Day 1: Work through Step 1 - the guided meditation. (if you can manage...please read through Step 2 - the foot soaking.

Day 2: Start Step 2 - part 1Foot soaking which incorporates the "5 minute guided meditation" again. 

Day 3: Step 2 - Part 2 - Foot soaking with the "5 Step Meditation".

Day 4: Step 3 - Learning how to raise your kundalini and put yourself into the band of protection. Thereafter follow Day 3's steps.

From Day 5 you continue following day 4's routine...


You are most welcome to contact us should you need future explanation.


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Lesson One: 

Day 1 - Step 1:

The Most Important Step!

It is very necessary that you get your Self Realisation before proceeding with the course.


  • All you have to do is kindly watch and follow this very simple, five minute video.  The Video is a guided meditation, which will take you to a very peaceful state, (please follow too the end).

  • Kindly make a note of how your feel at the end of the video, e.g. are you feeling a little more peaceful and calm, as well as any sensations you may feel in your hands, fingers, spine, on top of your head or anywhere else.  

  • You are most welcome to repeat this guided meditation (whenever you feel like going through the experience again - however many time you desire)

  • Some feedback will be wonderful - indicating how you felt, your experience during and after this short guided meditation. You can do so on the Feedback Form at the end of the lesson

Self Realisation (Awakening of the Kundalini Energy through a guided meditation - Giving you your Union with the Spirit within)

Try this short easy to follow Guided Meditation
Only 5:05 minutes

Day 2 - Step 2:

Foot Soaking - Part 1

  • Soaking your feet in salt water while meditating  is called Foot Soaking. 

  • This Sahaja Yoga technique relieves the body from stress and feels peaceful and relaxed.  

  • Salt is added to the water represent the earth element which sucks or absorbs away negativity/toxins.

  • When the day is over, relax by soaking your feet in salt water.

  • This is best done at night before going to bed.  

  • You will need a basin, salt, small container for rinsing water, and a small towel. See picture below.

  • Storing these items together will make it easier to do the Foot soak).


At Point 4 in the above picture....

Whilst keeping your feet in the water you could also listen to the "5 Minute guided meditation above" 

Here is a video clip showing how the footsoaking is done

Day 3 - Step 2:

Foot Soaking - Part 2


At Point 4 in the above picture....

Whilst keeping your feet in the water you can now start following the "5 Step Meditation" below. 

SahajaYoga_5 Step Meditation.jpg

Day 4 - Step 3:

Learning how to put on the
Protective Shield

RAISING THE KUNDALINI & PUTTING ON A BANDHAN - Before and after meditation

The practice of raising our Kundalini and putting ourselves in Bandhan is an important step in readying ourselves for meditation or workshop or any other activity in life.  

We use these simple steps to help bring our system into balance and to cover ourselves with a protective aura both before and after meditation.

The key thing to remember is that although we may not feel anything (in the early stages) whilst we are completing the procedure, it has a real effect on our subtle body.

It is our Kundalini energy, raising up the spine which takes our Attention higher into the state of 'Thoughtless Awareness'. This exercise helps to strengthen, steady and establish the Attention in the highest energy center, the Sahasrara Chakra.

Raising our own Kundalini, at the beginning and end of every meditation, helps to settle our subtle system into a more balanced state. 

Please follow this video clip below to see how it is done.

Please see below are the steps with pictures showing how its done as well.

Begin with the left hand at the front at the level of the abdomen, palm facing towards the body.  Whilst rotating the right hand around the left hand, move the left hand up the front of the body and over the head and tie a knot at the top to symbolically keep our Attention up there.  Use this movement three times and on the third time tie three knots over the top of your head.


(1) Place the left hand in front of your lower abdomen, palm facing the body


(2) Raise the left hand up slowly, moving from the base of your torso to the top of your head. While the left hand is rising, the right hand rotates around it clockwise, (up from within, and then down without).


(3) Until both hands are above the head. Then use both hands to tie a knot.


(4) Repeat this three times, once for each channel. The third time, tie the knot three times

Putting on a Bandhan

A simple exercise to protect our subtle body, and preserve our state of meditation, is to put on a bandhan.  This exercise should be done before and after meditation, just after raising the Kundalini (as above).


(1) Hold the left hand out on your lap (palm upwards) at the level of the waist with the fingers pointing towards the photography of Shree Mataji

(2) And slowly raise your right hand, starting at the level of the left hip, over the top of your head and down the right side of your body to the right hip.

(3) Then raise the right hand up the right channel, over your head where the Kundalini is flowing, and down the left side.

​ This movement should be done seven times

(once for every Chakra in the subtle system)


​Let's Meditate 

Now that you followed the first guided meditation above and learnt how to learnt how to raise your Kundalini energy and put a protective shield around your subtle system (Bandhan), let us Meditate.

How do we Meditate

  • You can either sit on the floor or on a chair, with your feet slightly apart, whichever is more comfortable for you.

  • Place both your hands on your lap - palms facing upwards.

  • Take a few deep breaths to help bring your attention inside and help you calm down.

  • Keep your attention on your both your palms and finger tips as well as the top of your head. 

  • Should your attention deviate, bring it back to your hands and the top of your head.

  • Do not strain yourself in anyway.  Just try to keep a relaxed attitude and attention whilst listening to this 2 minute calming instrumental music.

  • Remember, try to be thoughtlessness throughout... by keeping your attention on your palms and finger tips and top of your head - this should help your feel and enjoy the peaceful enjoy and experience. Keep your eyes closed through the meditation.

  • To Try to be aware of the sensations and if any vibrations coming out your hands or the top of your head e.g. tingling, pricking, coolness, heat etc. 

  • Whatever we feel is the result of the inner energy working inside of us. Just be a witness to it.  So let us pay attention to what is happening inside of us and continue to sit in SILENCE for 2 minutes 

Once you are done kindly Raise your Kundalini and giver your self a Band of protection, (As per above information).

*Please Note: We Raise our Kundalini and put the band of protection before and after our meditation sessions as                            well as when you get up in the morning and just before you go to bed in the evening.

Music for Meditation

​Steps to follow EVERYDAY for the first week:

After you've gone through the entire page above... 

1. Raise the Kundalini and put the bandhan

2. Do the foot soak incorporating the 5 step clearing meditation.

3. You can follow the above meditation.

4. To end the session you must do the Raising of Kundalini and bandhan again (always before and after every session). 

Please NOTE!

You are most welcome to watch the '5 minute meditation video' when ever your wish too.

Here is a 2:34 minute video showing us how footsoaking everyday can help us come into balance quickly and help clear our subtle system

Please complete the 'FEEDBACK FORM' below

and press SEND -

In order to receive your NEXT LESSON.

Lesson 1 
Online Meditation Course

Thank You!

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