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Technique 3a

Restoring our System

Balancing Vibrations of the Channels

If the right hand is hot/warm, tingling, heaviness or no vibrations are coming, put that hand towards Shri Mataji’s picture and left hand palm facing upwards towards the back.

Say: Mother, please cleanse, nurture and empower,my right side.


When both hands have ‘equal’ vibrations,  your subtle system’s right and left channels are balanced.  This helps to calm your thoughts and prepare for meditation. Breathing in/out will be equal, quiet and slow.


If the heat is more in the left hand or tingling, heaviness or you do not feel vibrations on the left hand, put that hand towards Shri Mataji’s photograph and the right hand palm down on the Mother Earth.

Say: "Mother, please cleanse, nurture and empower left side.

Technique 3b.

Balancing Vibrations of the Channels with Bandhans

Put your left hand toward a picture of Shri Mataji.

  • Now put your right hand to the area of your body associated to the chakra that needs vibrations.

  • Move your hand in a clockwise circle, always down to your left.

  • Move your hand for one minute and stop.

  • See now if that heavy, hot, or tingling feeling is gone in your finger or hand, and has been replaced with a cool sensation, which indicates that the vibrations are now flowing without obstruction. 

Most Sahaja techniques use the right hand as the actor as it represents the hand of action, whilst the left hand represents the hand of desire.

A chakra bandhan is a clockwise motion as if stirring a cup of tea vertically with your four fingers at the level location of a chakra. One can do this for  7 or 21 rotations, or until one feels some benefit.

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