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Lesson Two 

In this lesson we will talk about the following:

  • The Kundalini (Mothering Energy)

  • The Nadis (Energy Channels)

  • The Chakras (Energy Centers)


Theory Section:

You will need to CLICK ON EACH OF THE LINKS BELOW.  Please go through each Module in this lesson carefully in the order indicated below.  You are welcome to read through each one as many time as you like in order to familiarise yourself with these very important topics.

Meditation Section:

In Lesson 1 - You followed the Self Realisation video for a week. 

In Lesson 2 - You will now watch a video on "How to Clear and Balance your Energy Channels", as well as a short video by Shree Mataji on the 'Energy Channels'  

This Video is a Guided Meditation. 

  • Here you will learn how to clear and balance your left and right energy channels.

  • This meditation  will also help bring your attention into the center channel - and to the top of your head/ Sahasrara Chakra - and above the Fontanel bone area where all thoughts seize to exist. 

  • Experience the Inner Silence, your sacred space, where you grow deeper in Inner Joy, Peace & Bliss!

  • Kindly watch and follow every day.

Photo from Kasthurie Govender.jpg


When you ready to begin your meditation session:

  • Raise your Kundalini and put yourself in bandhan.

  • Follow the meditation video above, on: "How to clear and balance the energy channels". 

  • Ideally this should be done everyday morning and evening before your go to bed.  

  • Since it is vital that you footsoak at least once a day (preferably every evening before you go to sleep), you can do both together - that is, you could have your feet in the water whilst clearing your Energy  Channels.

  • Please take note of how you are feeling (if possible) during and after your meditation session

  • Once you have completed your 7 day session kindly complete and submit your feedback form, so that we can send you the next lesson.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or need further explanations.

  • It is important that you go through all the three of the sections (theory) mentioned above in order to grow deeper and reach the state of Bliss and Inner Joy!

  • Happy Meditating!

Lesson 2 
Online Meditation Course

Thank You!

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