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Sahaja Yoga Meditation

The Mighty Power of Meditation "Sahaja Yoga"

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

is a unique experience

which brings us naturally into

a 'State of Enlightened Mental

Silence' in which conflict dissolves in the dimension of Inner Peace

What is Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

Meditation is a scientifically proven way of improving our well-being in general. Millions of people today in the world are using this ancient discipline for many purposes including stress management, health improvements, motivation and success in business, education etc.

Man is slowly realizing and accepting that, deep within every human being is to be found an untapped source of 'Inner Peace'. This explains why more and more people are saying 'go within', 'meditate', 'take time out', 'quiet time' and many more commonly used phrases.

This 'peace within' is actually - 'Energy of Pure Love'. (It is a very scientific concept).

Since pure love has no boundaries it is unconditional.

It can be likened to the love a mother has and gives her child.

It is unconditional and spontaneous.

This ‘Energy’ (a Mothering energy) within emits vibrations. As we know everything in creation emits vibrations. This is how we are able to recognize or identify it with our senses – only through its vibrations (it emits) that is: - its colour, texture, feel, sound and smell.

Through this source of energy an inner transformation takes place and in turn, it is possible to live in this hectic world coping with all competition, capabilities, constraints, responsibilities and still feel peaceful, stay in good health, enjoy beautiful and loving relationships.

  • This technique is actively practiced in over 130 countries around the world, and is an effective solution to the physical, mental and emotional problems of the modern times.

  • This technique has demonstrated positive results in several research areas including health, education, agriculture, relationships, communication etc.

  • It is currently being used in many schools overseas, with much success in combating the many problems we – the human race is experiencing.

The Qualities and Purpose of Meditation

  • A gentle inner transformation which develops the awareness of the connection between all things

  • This awareness dissolves the sense of ‘Us and Them’ which so often results in clashes and dissent both individually and collectively.

  • A sense of solidarity, peace and tolerance manifests along with an awareness of the natural laws.

  • In this new awareness the concept of diversity or difference is erased. Everything, whether it is a living being, a rock, a tree or an amoeba, is recognized as part and parcel of the whole.

The Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation (some)

  • Stress relief/stress management

  • Improved attention, memory, concentration and studies

  • help in the development of creative skills and talent

  • improved self esteem

  • improved communication skills

  • stronger positive sense of integration with others

  • Overcome fear, habits and addictions with natural methods

  • Inner peace and silence

  • Improved health- Alleviate diabetes, hyper-tension, depression, and many other psychosomatic diseases

  • Recharge the central nervous system

  • Neutralize anger and aggression

  • Attention deficit disorder

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